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Polar Bear Population Surges

Re-posted from Polar Bear Science: A 2019 survey of polar bears on the Arctic coast of the Beaufort Sea has shown an increase in the number of well-fed, healthy bears. The survey showed the highest number of bears since 2012. … Continue reading

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Heatwave Hyperbole in Europe Continues

Yesterday, a new record of 45.9C was set in France, ‘shattering’ the old record of 44.1C, set in 2003. This of course, is another instance where it isn’t important to actually look at temperature records to decide when a new … Continue reading

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Shrinking Glacier in Antarctica

From time to time, articles appear relating to the shrinking glaciers and ice melt in Antarctica, and more specifically in West Antarctica. The Pine Island Glacier has been cited as being of concern. The glacier drains an area of Antarctica … Continue reading

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