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The Great Barrier Reef is Healthy!

In this video link, Dr Peter Ridd (formerly from James Cook University in QLD, Australia) outlines his study that demonstrates that the Great Barrier Reef has about the same amount of coral as in 1985. The linked video highlights that … Continue reading

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“Ocean Stabilization Machine” a Primary Factor Underlying the Effect of Climate Change”

A scientific paper was recently published in the journal Atmospheric and Climate Sciences by Yanjun Mao, Jiqing Tan, Bomin Chen, Huiyi Fan. The study provides details regarding why recent global warming is primarily a result of natural causes. The authors … Continue reading

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The Real Cost of Implementing Carbon-neutral Technologies

An interesting article titled ‘Why the global fossil-fuel phase-out is a fantasy akin to time travel’ has been published in the Financial Post’. The opinion piece highlights the real cost of investing in infrastructure to meet the current and future … Continue reading

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The Role of Methane in Climate Change

Methane has been postulated to be a significant greenhouse gas, with a suggested impact 28 times that of water vapour (i.e. H20). As a significant source of methane is livestock emissions, there are ongoing stories published in the mainstream media … Continue reading

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Climate Models under-estimate plants ability to store and ‘fix’ carbon

CO2 has been increasing in the atmosphere; and is now over 400ppm. Climate models have been used to calculate the ongoing level of increase; and have been used to postulate ongoing increasing warming effects. A new study indicates that these … Continue reading

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Interesting Review of Political Policy Regarding Climate Issues

This article is worth reading – it provides some balance between the need to address environmental issues; the risk of not addressing those issues, and in balance, the cost that people are willing to pay (in real dollars) to address … Continue reading

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Impacts of ‘Global Warming’ activism on the poorest of the poor

Without power, life is poor, nasty, brutish and, above all, short. Life expectancy in regions without electricity – sub-Saharan Africa, for instance – is little better than 60 years. In the European countries, it is more like 80 years. Yet … Continue reading

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Livestock have no detectable impact on climate

Dr. Albrecht Glatzle, author of over 100 scientific papers and two textbooks, has published research that shows “there is no scientific evidence, whatsoever, that domestic livestock could represent a risk for the Earth’s climate” and the “warming potential of anthropogenic greenhouse gas … Continue reading

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