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Temperature trends with reduced impact of ocean air temperature

Abstract: Temperature data 1900–2010 from meteorological stations across the world have been analyzed and it has been found that all land areas generally have two different valid temperature trends. Coastal stations and hill stations facing ocean winds are normally more … Continue reading

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170 Years of Earth Surface Temperature Data Show No Evidence of Significant Warming

I’m re-posting this with a ‘handle with caution’ caveat. The document is presented as a published paper, but it only appears in another blog site (WattsUpWithThat). The blog includes detailed references to data, and appears credible, but it is not … Continue reading

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The primary driver of climate change is cloud cover, not CO2

A study has been published in the Russian Academy of Science. Using satellite data, the authors have correlated temperature change with CO2 and cloud cover, and found that there is a correlation of 0.316 for cloud cover. The link to … Continue reading

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About the Hockey Stick…

One of the primary drivers of concern regarding AGW was Dr Michael Mann’s publication of his famous ‘hockey stick’ graph demonstrating the rapid warming of the planet over recent history. For reasons that aren’t obvious, the graph showed no warming … Continue reading

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Increasing CO2 shown to have negative greenhouse effect in Antarctica

Schmithüsen et al. (2015) have demonstrated that increasing CO2 leads to an increased negative greenhouse effect in Antarctica. They state: CO2 is the strongest anthropogenic forcing agent for climate change since preindustrial times. Like other greenhouse gases, CO2 absorbs terrestrial … Continue reading

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Increasing organic farming likely to increase carbon emissions

A study in Nature has sought to measure the greenhouse gas impacts of converting food production in England and Wales to organic methods. The study by Smith et al. identifited that agriculture is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas … Continue reading

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Experiments demonstrate catastrophic collapse of Antarctic ice will not happen

Minchew and Behn (2019) have tested the theory that massive ice cliffs on the coast of Antarctica could collapse, causing rapid and catastrophic sea level rise. In their paper: Marine Ice Cliff Instability Mitigated by Slow Removal of Ice Shelves, … Continue reading

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Sydney Harbour study shows no acceleration in sea level rise

Alberto Boretti (2012) studied the historic data relating to sea level from long-term tidal gauges in place in Sydney Harbour for over 100 years. His study showed: ► Long term recording tide gauges show weak sea level rises and no … Continue reading

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Plausible impact of CO2 increase on global temperature

Lewis and Curry (2018) investigated the plausible overall temperature increase that could be attributable to Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), with a specific focus on radiative forcing and ocean heat uptake. The authors summarise their findings as follows: Using an 1869–82 … Continue reading

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Solar Forcing to be included in CMIP6

The IPCC reports to date have focused on the role of human activity in climate change. For the first time, the next IPCC report (CMIP6, due for release in 2022) will incorporate the impact of solar cycles. Matthes et al. … Continue reading

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