It should be taken as read that we should all be concerned with ensuring our planet is sustainably managed for the good of our generation and for those to come. I have always had a strong environmental focus, and sought to practice and promulgate sustainable principles.

Because of this, I am concerned when I enter discussions, or find stories in the mainstream media that purport to present a case for sustainability based on other factors such as the need to address climate change.

The claim that the consensus of opinion of climate scientists demonstrates that climate change is largely caused by human activity has been debunked. Despite this, the claim remains central to most of the material presented in the mainstream media.

I have therefore created a site that through scientific evidence seeks to challenge the mainstream thinking, and to demonstrate where data are being misused or manipulated. In general the website will provide links to published data. However, I will from time to time present analyses from public domain data sets of credible organizations (e.g. NASA, The Bureau of Meteorology, Australia, or NIWA, New Zealand).

I have a B.Sc from UNSW, Sydney, Australia, majoring in Climatology.

Roger Larkins