Solar Forcing to be included in CMIP6

The IPCC reports to date have focused on the role of human activity in climate change. For the first time, the next IPCC report (CMIP6, due for release in 2022) will incorporate the impact of solar cycles. Matthes et al. (2017) outlines that there are three variables of external energy from the sun and other sources:

* TSI (Total Solar Irradiance );
* SSI (Solar Spectral Irradiance); and
* EEP (Energy Particle Precipitation)

The study suggests that TSI has a small but possibly non-statistically significant impact on climate. However, SSI and EEP may both have significant roles. As the most recent cycle (#23) was a Grand Solar Maximum, and the sun is now moving into a much quieter cycle, there is hypothetically going to be less warming from SSI and EEP in the coming cycles, with a corresponding hypothesis that the planet may undergo cooling for the period from now until 2300AD.

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2 Responses to Solar Forcing to be included in CMIP6

  1. Mathias says:

    I need source that IPCC will incorporate solar cycles in next report. Peace

  2. Roger says:

    Hi Mathias

    There’s a hyperlink to the Matthes paper, the tile of which is: Solar Forcing to be included in CMIP6

    The link is

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