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Great Lakes – a case study of failed predictions

In 2012, National Geograhic published an article outlining the impact of climate change on the Great Lakes in North America. The article provides details of how the lakes were at almost-record lows, and that the temperatures were warming. The winter … Continue reading

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Heatwave Hyperbole in Europe Continues

Yesterday, a new record of 45.9C was set in France, ‘shattering’ the old record of 44.1C, set in 2003. This of course, is another instance where it isn’t important to actually look at temperature records to decide when a new … Continue reading

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Frequency of Cyclones in Australia at 500+ Year Low

There is conjecture that Climate Change is being seen through an increase in frequency of major storms. This journal article, published in Nature in 2014 shows that the frequency of Cyclones reaching the Australian coast is lower than it has … Continue reading

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Heatwave in Europe, June 2019

There is currently a heatwave in Europe. There is plenty of information about the heatwave, with sites such as the BBC running stories related to the extreme temperatures: While the story in that link does identify that heatwaves are … Continue reading

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“Ocean Stabilization Machine” a Primary Factor Underlying the Effect of Climate Change”

A scientific paper was recently published in the journal Atmospheric and Climate Sciences by Yanjun Mao, Jiqing Tan, Bomin Chen, Huiyi Fan. The study provides details regarding why recent global warming is primarily a result of natural causes. The authors … Continue reading

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The Real Cost of Implementing Carbon-neutral Technologies

An interesting article titled ‘Why the global fossil-fuel phase-out is a fantasy akin to time travel’ has been published in the Financial Post’. The opinion piece highlights the real cost of investing in infrastructure to meet the current and future … Continue reading

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Climate Data, Sydney, NSW 1862-2018 – A Case Study

A crucial factor in analysis of long-term climate data is ensuring that the reporting station is able deliver a long-term record under the same conditions. In most locations, long-term data have unfortunately not been maintained. Meteorological stations have been relocated … Continue reading

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The Role of Methane in Climate Change

Methane has been postulated to be a significant greenhouse gas, with a suggested impact 28 times that of water vapour (i.e. H20). As a significant source of methane is livestock emissions, there are ongoing stories published in the mainstream media … Continue reading

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Climate Models under-estimate plants ability to store and ‘fix’ carbon

CO2 has been increasing in the atmosphere; and is now over 400ppm. Climate models have been used to calculate the ongoing level of increase; and have been used to postulate ongoing increasing warming effects. A new study indicates that these … Continue reading

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Catatstrophe! Greenland is melting!

According to the BBC and Fox News (among others), Greenland is experiencing heat of 40 degrees above average, causing a huge ice melt. Fox News is calling this a ‘Greenland ice crisis’. This, of course, has little relationship to the … Continue reading

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