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Experiments demonstrate catastrophic collapse of Antarctic ice will not happen

Minchew and Behn (2019) have tested the theory that massive ice cliffs on the coast of Antarctica could collapse, causing rapid and catastrophic sea level rise. In their paper: Marine Ice Cliff Instability Mitigated by Slow Removal of Ice Shelves, … Continue reading

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Sydney Harbour study shows no acceleration in sea level rise

Alberto Boretti (2012) studied the historic data relating to sea level from long-term tidal gauges in place in Sydney Harbour for over 100 years. His study showed: ► Long term recording tide gauges show weak sea level rises and no … Continue reading

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Great Lakes – a case study of failed predictions

In 2012, National Geograhic published an article outlining the impact of climate change on the Great Lakes in North America. The article provides details of how the lakes were at almost-record lows, and that the temperatures were warming. The winter … Continue reading

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More land that is growing, not sinking. This time, Florida

A factor that is frequently raised among proponents of human-caused global warming is rising sea levels. According to the theory, cities such as Miami, Florida are at risk of being submerged. So, it is always interesting to find scientific studies … Continue reading

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Time Magazine leads with story on Tuvalu sinking, despite evidence to the contrary

Despite the clear evidence that the Pacific Islands en masse are not sinking, Time Magazine has decided to lead this week’s edition with a story from the UN Secretary General highlighting that they are (sinking). How long must we be … Continue reading

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Shrinking Glacier in Antarctica

From time to time, articles appear relating to the shrinking glaciers and ice melt in Antarctica, and more specifically in West Antarctica. The Pine Island Glacier has been cited as being of concern. The glacier drains an area of Antarctica … Continue reading

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Global Sea Level Rise – no evidence of acceleration since the 1920s

The Heartland Institute has published a paper: Global Sea Level Rise; an Evaluation of the Data. The key finding is that contrary to the IPCC’s statement that it is “very likely” sea-level rise is accelerating, the highest quality coastal tide … Continue reading

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Maldives not sinking

A gradual rise in average sea level is threatening to completely cover this Indian Ocean nation of 1196 small islands in the next 30 years, according to authorities. Quote from The Canberra Times, Monday September 26, 1988 The hyperbole surrounding … Continue reading

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Pacific Islands are not sinking

A major concern for many climate activists is how to handle the climate refugees from Pacific Island countries such as Tuvalu and Kiribati; and the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. It would appear that there is less to be concerned … Continue reading

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Is satellite-sourced sea level data robust?

Sea level is changing. The incremental increase is in the order of centimetres per decade. Satellite data indicates an acceleration of sea level rise. But satellite orbits decay by centimetres per decade. Are satellite data accurate? Click here to read … Continue reading

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