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Ocean acidification impact on coral reef fish behaviour

I’ve seen and heard concerns regarding the potential impact of increased dissolved CO2 in our oceans. Adding CO2 will lower the pH of the oceans. The process is called ‘acidification’, although there is no risk that the oceans would substantially … Continue reading

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Australian Bushfires, 2019/20

Bushfires are a highly emotive thing. The loss is huge, and on many counts. Homes, memories, livelihoods, land, wildlife and people. The human and economic cost is immense. The bushfires in Australia over the 2019/20 summer period have created their … Continue reading

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A view of potential future impact of climate change

Among many doom-and-gloom forecasts about the sustainability of the planet; and the risk of an ‘existential crisis’ due to rising temperatures, one scientist has made a simple statement: It’s not as bad as it once looked David Wallace Wells is … Continue reading

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What causes major heatwaves?

The 2019/20 heat wave in Australia has resulted in days that have been called the ‘hottest on record’. There are disputes about whether this is the case, with factors such as the Urban Heat Island effect, the BoM re-calculating historic … Continue reading

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Is the incidence of major storms increasing over recent years?

A claim that I’ve frequently heard is that the incidence and severity of major storms has been increasing over the past few decades, and this increase is evidence of climate change. Dr Judith Curry has provided a scientific review of … Continue reading

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Is human activity causing the Australian bushfires of 2019/20?

There has been significant interest in the bushfire season globally. Bushfires are a tragedy, particularly with destruction, and in this case, many deaths. The hyperbole about this years’ bushfires is unfortunately somewhat overwhelming, with cries of ‘Climate Change!’ This year’s … Continue reading

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