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Don’t pollute minds with carbon fears

Emeritus Professor Ian Plimer has written a well-crafted article in The Australian today. Well worth a read.

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Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology ‘adjusting’ temperature data to fit their narrative

In a previous post, I highlighted how NASA had re-written the historic temperature data series to reduce historic heat. The effect of this is to amplify the current heat, implying temperature increases that aren’t in the data record. Jo Nova … Continue reading

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Temperature trends with reduced impact of ocean air temperature

Abstract: Temperature data 1900–2010 from meteorological stations across the world have been analyzed and it has been found that all land areas generally have two different valid temperature trends. Coastal stations and hill stations facing ocean winds are normally more … Continue reading

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170 Years of Earth Surface Temperature Data Show No Evidence of Significant Warming

I’m re-posting this with a ‘handle with caution’ caveat. The document is presented as a published paper, but it only appears in another blog site (WattsUpWithThat). The blog includes detailed references to data, and appears credible, but it is not … Continue reading

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The primary driver of climate change is cloud cover, not CO2

A study has been published in the Russian Academy of Science. Using satellite data, the authors have correlated temperature change with CO2 and cloud cover, and found that there is a correlation of 0.316 for cloud cover. The link to … Continue reading

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