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An analysis of heatwaves in Europe

Last week, Paris recorded its highest ever temperature. According to the data compiled for the past 150+ years, that is accurate. However, it does not acknowledge the fact that the temperature gauge being referenced failed to record the temperature on … Continue reading

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New study indicates no anthropogenic cause of climate change

There is a new scientific study in circulation that suggests that there is no experimental evidence for climate change caused by human activity. The study comes from the University of Turku in Finland. It is an interesting study, measuring low … Continue reading

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Former Australian Greens leader objects to wind farms

Dr Bob Brown, former leader of the Green Party in Australia, is objecting to the development of a wind farm in Tasmania. The location is at Robbins Island in the north of the state. If constructed, the farm will be … Continue reading

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The Great Barrier Reef is Healthy!

In this video link, Dr Peter Ridd (formerly from James Cook University in QLD, Australia) outlines his study that demonstrates that the Great Barrier Reef has about the same amount of coral as in 1985. The linked video highlights that … Continue reading

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